There will be three workshops prior to the conference. The Microcarbon workshop is expected to have a large overlap with attendees to the AMS-15 conference – it is a special interest workshop similar to those at previous AMS conferences.

The other two workshops will be aimed at a broader range of attendees. In both cases we expect that some of the attendees will not be attending the AMS conference. The intention of these workshops is bring together researchers from outside AMS with AMS specialists who are interested in the workshop topic.

1. Nuclear Astrophysics

Organiser: Anton Wallner (ANU, HZDR)

  • The aim is to bring together the AMS community interested in nuclear astrophysics with other experts in theoretical, experimental and observational aspects of nuclear astrophysics
  • radionuclides such as 60Fe, 53Mn, 244Pu, 182Hf and new nuclides under development are of interest to a wider community; this is a chance to bring them together at this workshop
  • research topics will cover also other domains including nuclear physics, observers in astronomy and astrophysics, theoretical nuclear astrophysics, earth science and meteoritics.
  • another important aspect will be sample preparation techniques and new technological developments

The organisers aim to address additional experts in nuclear astrophysics and related areas who would usually not attend the AMS conference

Location: Hedley Bull Building, ANU, Canberra

The Hedley Bull building (Building 130) is adjacent to University House and Liversidge apartments and an approximately 6 minute walk from the Department of Nuclear Physics, Building 57, Garran Road, The Australian National University.

Note also that block bookings of accommodation for the night from 4th to 5th of September have been set aside for attendees on the ANU campus at University House. When making a booking on the ANU campus please ensure the accommodation provider is aware you are part of the AMS workshop block booking by entering the keyword “AMS workshop at ANU” in the Additional Information/Message text box field.

  • Date: full day, Saturday 5th September 2020
  • Cost: $40
2. Integrating Multiple Geochronometric Techniques

Organisers: Klaus Wilcken (ANSTO), Zenobia Jacobs and Alexandru Codilean (University of Wollongong) with support from the ARC Centre of  Excellence for Australian Biodiversity and Heritage (CABAH)


  • As large geochronometric databases are becoming available and as the number of studies employing multiple geochronometric techniques is becoming more prevalent, there is an increased need to establish best practice protocols in how data from very different dating techniques – that will have varying underlying assumptions and uncertainties – should be used together.

This workshop aims to bring together scientists from a wide range of disciplines to discuss issues around chronometric hygiene and various numerical approaches aimed at improving the quality of a given date. The one-day workshop will consist of a practical session in the morning with hands-on activities and an afternoon session of talks from invited speakers showcasing dating projects where multiple geochronometric techniques are employed.

For practical reasons places to this workshop are limited and priority will be given to students and early career researchers.

Fees in attending this workshop and details regarding venue and schedule for the Workshop at University of Wollongong will be provided in the third announcement.

  • Location: University of Wollongong, Wollongong (~85 km south of Sydney)
  • Date: full day, Saturday 5th September 2020.
  • Cost: $40


3. Microcarbon Workshop

Organisers: Reka Fulop, Quan Hua, Vladimir Levchenko, Andrew Smith and Bin Yang (ANSTO).

This interactive workshop will bring together researchers to discuss their experience with radiocarbon measurements at the ‘small end’ of sample size (from micrograms of carbon to about a hundred micrograms of carbon).

To avoid overlap with the main conference, the workshop will focus on technical matters and discussion will be encouraged. Contributions on specific scientific applications reliant upon small-sample radiocarbon AMS should be made to sessions within the main conference.

Technical topics for the workshop will include, but are not limited to, solid and gas ion sources for micro-radiocarbon samples, sample preparation, measurement strategies, online measurements from analytical instruments and data reduction methodologies at the ‘small end’ of analysis. The demands that micro-radiocarbon measurements place upon accelerators and the realistic limits to sample size will also be considered. We encourage participants to suggest topics for discussion through the chair of the workshop organising committee ([email protected]).

Location and Time

The Microcarbon Workshop will be held at the main conference venue, the John Niland Scientia, University of NSW, in the Tyree Room. The workshop will run from 08:30 until 17:30 Sunday 6th September 2020, concluding just before the start of the conference welcome reception at the Scientia. Registration for the workshop will open at 08:00.

Registration costs

Registration includes refreshments for morning and afternoon teas as well as lunch. Please indicate whether you have any special dietary needs when registering. Students may apply for a discounted registration; please see the guidelines on the main conference pages for proof of student status. For catering reasons, registration will close on Friday 31st July and registration on the day of the workshop will not be possible.

Early Bird Registration for the Workshops by Friday 12th June, 2020.

          Full Registration: $80

          Student Registration: $60

Standard Registration for the Workshops by Friday 31st July, 2020.

          Full Registration: $100

          Student Registration: $80

Registration for the Microcarbon Workshop is available through the main conference registration tab. It is possible to register for the Microcarbon Workshop without registering for the main conference.

Abstract submission and publications

Abstracts for the Microcarbon Workshop are to be submitted through the main conference Indico portal using Firefox, Chrome or Edge web browsers; Internet Explorer is not supported. Guidelines for the submission of abstracts may be found there. The deadline for abstract submission is Friday 24th April.

The workshop program and schedule will be presented in the third announcement, due Monday 22nd June.

Publication of Microcarbon Workshop presentations in the AMS-15 conference proceedings is encouraged.


Related Meetings

Related meetings are being organised by others in the weeks before and after AMS-15.

These may be of interest to some of our attendees and may also draw in more participants through cross-publicity.  Organisers of both of these meetings are already planning in cooperation with us.

7th International Symposium on Negative Ions, Beams and Sources

NIBS 2020 will be held in Auckland, New Zealand from August 30th to September 4th 2020. The symposium is hosted by The University of Auckland.

“The original focus of the symposium, when it began in 1977, as The Symposium on Production and Neutralisation of Negative Ions and Beams was on accelerator and fusion applications. The current form of the symposium welcomes contributions on any aspect of the use of negative ions in basic or applied research. NIBS 2020 will cover all areas of science and technology related to negative ion production and use. The symposium will present results obtained from experimental investigations as well as theoretical modelling. The symposium is also an ideal setting for new researchers to establish contacts and see first-hand the latest developments in the field of negative ion research.”

2nd ANSTO-AINSE workshop “Nuclear Techniques for Cultural Heritage”

Workshop to be held at Macquarie University, Sydney, 14th-17th September 2020. It will run for 4 days:

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